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About Natacha


Natacha Horn is a multi-media, multi-channel, multi-cultural artist. 


Born to an Indian, African-born mother and a Danish-Belgian father, Natacha has lived and worked in New York, London, Paris and Brussels.


A prolific, multi-channel creative director, she has produced and directed online magazines, music videos, documentaries, corporate videos and television campaigns for Elle Belgium, Nokia, Lanvin, Galliano, Canal+, Tanita Tikarim, DeBeers, Clyde & Co., and the United Nations.


In film, Natacha’s first short, ‘Swing’ has been selected by 25 festivals & won 12 awards :

The London Independent Film Festival (LIFF 2018)

London Indie Short Festival of 24 Frames (December 2020)

WOFFF (2020)

Breakout Film Festival (April 2020) 

Cult Movies International Film Festival (2021)

Bridge Fest  2021)

Florida Short (2021)

Best LGBTQ film @ Absurd Film Festival (2021)

Best Female director @ Roma Short (2021)

Berlin International Art Film Festival (2021)

Best Female director @Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift (2021)



As a painter Natacha has exhibited in Brussels, Paris & Monaco.

She paints instinctively, creating vibrant canvases that are breathtaking to the viewer. Yet for the artist these works are often an expression of events of deep sadness and pain — which, through the alchemy of her canvas, Natacha transforms for the viewer into a thrilling, life-affirming experience of abundance, energy and joy.

Natacha is currently working on a new exhibition.