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About Natacha


  • Natacha Horn was born in Brussels, Belgium to an Indian, African-born mother and a Danish-Belgian father. Having travelled extensively, and lived in Paris, New York for a number of years,  she now resides in London. 


  • Initially trained as a journalist, working for magazines such as LE FIGARO, Horn's natural artistic abilities led her into experimenting with digital media and art forms,  leading to her becoming a recognised creative animator and promotional film maker for leading brands such as Nokia, Lanvin, Galliano, Rugby world cup 2003 and Canal+ , DeBeers, Clyde&Co  and United Nations etc. in various advertising and promotional campaigns.  She was Creative Director for Elle Belgium and most recently has directed a number of musical videos for leading English singer-songwriter Tanita Tikaram.


  • In 2017 she created and directed her first Short Film ‘Swing’ which has been selected by 27 international festivals and won 12 awards.


  • From 2003, in her spare time,  Horn began to direct her creative focus toward painting and drawing as an outlet in which to explore events of deep personal sadness and pain that she had experienced as a child and as an adult. Early work was often dark but later gave way to the use of colour, with figures, often self-referential appearing within the work. She has exhibited widely including in China, France, Belgium and Monaco.


  • Horn's new body of work, begun during the lockdown of 2020 further explores the gestural vocabulary of marks and colour, made with energy and meaning. These marks, often resulting in a chaotic composition deal with personal experiences and states of emotion, often from sleepless nights.

Within her art practice, the canvas has become a place of solace, a means of escape and a respite from the trauma within.  



2010    Shangai -  “Woman Centennial - World Artists’ Works Exhibition”
2009    Paris - City Hall “don de soi, don d’organe” 
2008    Monaco - “Chateau des Terrasses” 

2007    Art Brussels international art fair” with ELLE Belgium” 
2006    Brussels - Galerie Is
y Brachot  “A travers les nuages un coin de ciel étoilé”
2004    Paris City Hall - Enfance et Partage 

Natacha is currently working on a new exhibition.